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    Whales - COLLATERAL DAMAGE tells the story of the impact that the US Navy use of active sonar has on marine life.  The Navy considers anything that is injured or killed indirectly as a result of their use of sonar, Collateral Damage.  The problem with that is that sonar directly injures or kills these animals.  It is widely studied and scientifically accepted that Naval active sonar operations has a huge impact on marine life.  At somewhere between 145 and 210 decibals, sonar is magnitudes greater than what a marine mammal can withstand.  For years, the scientific and environmental community has been trying to get the Navy to admit that it’s use of sonar is killing our sea life.  Only recently have they acknowledged that active sonar has an impact and in fact, in recent days, they have agreed to limit sonar use in particularly sensitive areas for marine mammals in the Pacific.  How ironic that the very sonar that is designed to protect us so that we can live in a peaceful, healthy world is actually killing off the very life that is helping to maintain a healthy ocean and hence our own health.  If the Navy can limit sonar in the Pacific, they can do it everywhere and it would have no impact on our national security.  Our voices need to be loud and clear and unified. The Navy must do everything they can to mitigate the damage that naval sonar is causing to our marine life.

    Artist: Rob Whitehair

    Digital mixed media: Pencil on Procreate, Photoshop, Acrylic