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    Wild Propaganda™ was founded by artist and wildlife filmmaker Rob Whitehair as a worldwide campaign to use art and clothing to call attention to the massive impact humans have on Earth's wildlife species.   

    Drawing on cues from vintage propaganda, film, pop art, and his intensive studies of the natural world, Rob Whitehair creates striking, colorful images that juxtapose animals and graphics that manifest multiple meanings and emotions and ultimately question our relationship to the natural world, its wild creatures and wild spaces.   

    Wild Propaganda seeks to propagate this ideology and iconography into modern culture at large so that they can be seen over and over. The more that people see these images, the greater the discourse that happens. Art has influenced cultural change since the dawn of civilization and it is our hope that Wild Propaganda™ will help to create cultural change in relation to our natural world. 

    Wild Propaganda™ is about challenging the status quo, questioning our systems and beliefs and helping to create a world that is both peaceful and sustainable for all life. 

    We invite you to be a part of it.  

    Click on an image below to read more about the story behind the art.